Support Plan Pricing

On-sight Support


  • On-sight appointments
  • Computer and software setup
  • Device/printer/scanner/phone setup
  • Computer relocation/reconnection
  • Computer assistance/troubleshooting
  • Router/network/switch setup
    QuickBooks installation/setup

This is a freelance price which includes under-scheduling costs, transportation costs, discovery costs, mobility costs, and dispatching costs. Freelance employs specialize in services that regular employs unable to provide.

Support Plan


  • Email creation, deletion, forwarding, and tracking
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • Server configuration and maintenance
  • Server and QuickBooks backup monitoring
  • List processing and uploading
  • Router/network/switch/internet/wifi troubleshooting
  • Calling ISP/CRM/phone/hosting companies
  • Equipment research and purchasing
  • Camera access troubleshooting
  • Domain/website/hosting/billing monitoring
  • Dialer/campaign assistance
  • Third-party dialer support company access control
  • Over the phone assistance/help
  • Device passwords tracking
  • 20% off on-sight support

Support plan provides services which do not require on-sight presence, including maintenance to help business run smoothly with minimal interruptions which. The plan covers some of the costs and incentivies the employ to optimize the business.

Priority Support Plan


  • Priority remote support for $10/hour
  • Remote user access management
  • Computer health monitoring
  • Outlook/calendar troubleshooting
  • Third-party/CRM/timeclock access control
  • Network/server drive troubleshooting
  • Issue source identification
  • 40% off on-sight support

Priority support covers remote access costs and provides almost immediate low rate remote troubleshooting without the delays and overhead of scheduling and transportation whenever possible and further reduces on-sight support rate.

We provide individual, senior, and repeat customer discounts.